The Talbot

Now "THE BRASS MONKEY" in The Talbot!

.....under new management!

Notice the improvements immediately! Better food! Better service! Better laughs!!! Better QUIZ!

The ONLY place to watch the European Championships!

The chance to see two different games if top matches clash with screens in both bars!

Dont forget! Thursday is Quiz-Night!

THE HEIDELBERG TALBOT - Haspelgasse 4, 69117 Heidelberg - 30 yards from the Old Bridge - Telephone: 06221-6506644

The Bar where not only English speakers meet. We are situated 30 metres from the famous Old Bridge in the Heidelberg old town. Open from noon at the weekends and 6pm on other days we offer a wide range of 20 different beers – Draught John Smith’s Smooth, Guinness, Kilkenny, Newcastle Brown Ale, Rothaus Pilsener and Sion Kölsch (Draught Strongbow Cider), wines and spirits from all over the world and fine food with a British slant.

From the Front Bar one can sit and gaze out at the twin towers of the Old Bridge and across the Neckar Valley. We aim to give you a contempary British bar feeling where you can just as well enjoy a full meal as much as a few beers with friends whilst watching a game. We have young and attractive English speaking staff, English Language Newspapers and we welcome groups.

Thursday is Quiz-Night with Simon. Questions on every subject from all over the world. It starts at 9pm and there are great prizes to be won. Bilingual English/German.
In the ‘Harald Jarman Bar’ at the back we have darts, table football and big and multi-screen sports where we show live on Premiere TV and Sky Sports all the weeks’ big sporting events including Champions League, Bundesliga-Konferenzschaltung and Live Premiership football from England. Important Rugby games are of course also shown.

We look forward to greeting you in The Talbot.

The Talbot was a famous English hunting dog. Closely related to the Beagle it was relatively small of stature and completely white.

A hound of continental origin, it was brought over to England by William the Conqueror in 1066 and was said to be able to scent a stag at a distance of up to one mile on a cold snowy day – a feat unknown for any normal hunting dog. Through the introduction of various foreign breeds to England during the middle ages the pure, pedigree Talbot strain became increasingly rare and sadly finally disappeared around 1700.Today it is still a well known name for numerous public houses and inns throughout the UK.

Simon Wakeling and Karen Wilkinson and the Talbot Team.

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